It has now been approximately tow years since I signed up to and created this Blog site.  I made a couple of short entries and then abandoned the effort.

Today I am considering whether to use this or Blogger to embark on a new blogging initiative.



Initiating Change

Building a positive habit requires a start.  If you look for the perfect answer or direction, then the journey never gets underway.

The lesson: Pick a path and move forward.


Our human nature craves simplicity, but reality is complex.

This is why we are driven to develop models to predict the future and then continue to apply them without thinking, even though we know they are wrong.

This also drives us to engage in single-issue politics even though we know there are many, many important issues.

We simply want a simple answer.

Developing User Interfaces for Different Devices and Users

Remember that every device type is different and the UI that is exceptional on one may not really work on another.

Similarly, in a multi-sided business model, the various users and customers may need quite different user interfaces.

One potential “advantage” of this approach is that each solution can be sold (or at least valued) as a separate product if that is appropriate to the market you are going after.